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      I wanna play more Diablo with my best friend ^.^

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      Cloud, Lightning, and Noctis -> p a r a l l e l s

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      Song of the day!

      Eros (?)

      In memory of Chi Cheng (1970-2013).

      We move together, we cruise till the end
      Screwing and shooting our way out
      You want to know what it’s like?
      Then watch this
      You want to feel again?
      You wanted this…
      Welcome to my world
      Now, you want to feel again

      Smile, you’re born again
      Do you feel wet? Do you feel love?

      We’ve sailed through hell knows
      They’ve sank but we float on
      You want to go for a ride?
      It’s over you want to feel again?
      You’ve always said that you knew my worth
      and now you want to feel it again

      Smile, you’re born again
      Do you feel wet? Do you feel love?

      We cruise together… It’s me and you till the end

      Smile, you’re born again
      Do you feel wet? Do you feel love? “

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